Policy 3710I



The purpose of this policy is to ensure the issuance of timely warnings regarding crimes and situations posing a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community.  This policy complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) by establishing procedures for the College regarding the circumstances and delivery of warnings of serious or on-going threats. 

Timely warnings are provided to notify students, faculty, and staff of crimes, identified by the Clery Act, that may represent a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. A timely warning also seeks to enable the campus community to better protect itself and to aid in the prevention of similar crimes.  

Timely warnings will be directed and issued by the President or their designee or the Vice President for Student Services or their designee. 

Adopted         July 15, 2020

Procedure 3710H


Timely warning reports may be issued about crimes that pose a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community.  Clery crimes and definitions are provided by the Federal Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting. 

  • Threat of violent crime
  • Situations where the suspect is not known
  • Persons with weapons with threat to use
  • Burglary (of occupied rooms, offices or structures)
  • Motor Vehicle Theft
  • Sex Offenses
  • Hate crimes
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Criminal Homicide

As information becomes available that one of these crimes has been committed, and those reports lead college administrators to believe that the crime constitutes or may constitute a serious and/or continuing threat to the campus community, then a timely warning will be issued by the College President or their designee or the Vice President for Student Services or their designee. 

Timely warnings include information about the crime that triggered the warning, but will not include personally identifiable information about the victim of the crime.  Timely warnings also include other available information that the College determines will help members of the campus community to protect themselves.  Generally, the warning will specify the type of reported crime, the time and location at which the reported crime occurred, and specific advice to the campus community regarding steps to take to avoid becoming a victim.  The content and amount of information varies depending on the nature of the threat, the amount of information available, the risk of compromising law enforcement efforts, and other factors. 

Timely warnings and necessary follow-up information will be disseminated to the campus community using various communications methods, including but not limited to, the following:   

  • Text Message
  • College e-mail
  • VOIP Phone Notification
  • The College website
  • Radio stations
  • Press releases
  • Posted Notifications

Anyone wishing to report a crime, including those listed above that occur on or near college property are encouraged to contact local law enforcement and the campus Protective Services Department.

Although personally identifiable information is generally protected from disclosure, FERPA does not prevent the College from releasing information necessary for a timely warning.  Information may be released in an emergency situation without students’ consent to protect others’ safety on campus. 

The Clery Act requires institutions to make two types of alerts: timely warnings, described in this policy, and emergency notifications.  Emergency notifications are made for any significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and/or safety of students and employees.  If an emergency notification is made, the College does not need to issue a timely warning about the same situation. 

Adopted         July 15, 2020



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