Workforce Development

Western Wyoming Community College's Workforce Development Department is here to help mitigate the risks of industry through safety training. We believe in a proactive approach to training. We want our customers and students to know how to be safe when they walk out of our doors and into any field. 

We offer our customers a variety of safety trainings, certifications, and awareness, through both hands on and classroom learning. We give our customers the opportunity to develop their own "new hire" training with us. Whether it is a week, 3 days, or less, we will train your employees with the safety modules that you have chosen so that you and your employees have the safety mindset before they head out to the field.

The Workforce Development Department will keep track of your safety training records and send you updates and reminders for recertification as needed. 

Please contact our Workforce Development Department office at 307-872-1326 for more information on our available training modules and training schedules. Our dedicated instructors and staff members look forward to working with you to make your company stand out with a dedicated safety mindset for all of your employees. 

Thank you for choosing us for all your training needs!