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Greetings to you our Customers, Students, and Partners!!
We hope this newletter finds you and yours healthy, and ready to get back to normal. The COVID-19 crisis that has run rampant through our country has left us broken, but not beaten. Not only affecting the heath of our populations but the impact on our industry has affected the livelihood, pride, and growth of our communities as well.
Western Wyoming Community College Workforce Development wants to help those of you who have felt the impacts of the virus get back on your feet, and back to work. Due to governmental mandates the College has been closed during the peak of the pandemic, but fortunately our Workforce Department has been given the thumbs up on reopening, to start our safety training  programs again. We have to limit the number of students to follow the mandates but we are going to get you the training you need to get back to work! We know there is a high demand for the following training courses:
  • OSHA 10 & 30 General Industry
  • MSHA Surface/ Underground New Miner & Annual RefreshersFirst Aid/CPR/AEDRespirator
  • Fit Testing and Maintenance 
  • Confined Space
  • Fall Protection 
  • H2S Certification & Refresher
  • PEC : Safeland Basic, H2S Clear, Safe Supervisor, Pipeline, Core

We have our full lists of available courses, but we wanted to put the trainings that will get our communities back to work first. We are asking our customers, students, and partners to help us fill out training calendars with the essential classes. This is an open invitation to anyone who has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, please call our administration office 307-872-1326 or visit our facebook page at, Wyoming Community Collegewfd/

Leave your information and the classes that you are needing. We are compiling our lists to schedule our classes. Due to state governmental mandates; we have also decided to offer some classes more ofter to counteract the limited class aizes. We can develop classes not on our list as well (i.e. industrial Hygiene, Hazard Recognition.)In our area of the country we know how important it is to work. We want our communities healthy and working. During our training we will follow all mandates about sanitization and safety with social distancing. At preregistration our administration assistants will give information for any needed barrier devices required for entering our classes and training faclilities. The brace tacks of it is this: You want to get back to work! We want to help! Please contact us with any questions about training, safety, or course development to fill your company's needs, or questions about our training schedule. We are in this together, keep yourselves healthy, and we will help you get back to work.



    To schedule training please contact                    us at 307-872-1326




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