Student Life

At Western, we believe students come first. Your success is our #1 priority. The student life at Western gives you tools to succeed not just in the classroom, but for the rest of your life. The Student Life Program strives to reach the interest of all students through events and activities.

Western wants students to get involved! You have the opportunity to be a part of many student-led clubs on campus. These opportunities give you leadership experience, job related skills, and friendships that last a lifetime.

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Western Wyoming Outsider

At Western, we know about work-life balance. Southwest Wyoming is a great place to get outdoors and explore. Whether you are interested in photography, fly fishing, snow-boarding, history - or all of the above - Southwest Wyoming has a lot to offer.

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Campus Amenities

The majority of Western's campus is housed under one roof. This helps in winter and getting to your classrooms fast. It is also home to several amenities like the Hay Library, game room, a weight and cardio rooms, and swimming pool and more.

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Campus Tours

Our staff are waiting to show you all that the Western Wyoming Community College campus has to offer! From the moment you step on campus you will notice our beautiful buildings and landscape. The main building houses nearly everything from dining, classrooms, offices, and amenities including our museums and art gallery. Parking on our campus is always free and there is an abundance of spots so you will never have to worry about being late to class!

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Living On Campus

Students who live on campus are 2 times more likely to graduate. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to build friendships and do your best academically. We offer housing for traditional and non-traditional students – even options for families!

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Clubs & Student Government

At Western, you have the chance to be a big fish in a small pond. We have over 20 student clubs that help you learn leadership skills, follow your passions, while making life-long friends. Start building your resume, today!

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