Career Coach

A tool to assist you in finding a major!


“As a community college we understand not everyone has a clear path into what they want to do for work, nor what’s available. This new tool is the first step in the research process. It’s also a great tool for those already in the workforce who want to explore new career paths.”Dr. Kim Dale, President for Western Wyoming Community College


Western Wyoming Community College has joined forces with Lightcast to introduce an exciting new tool called Wyoming Boots. This tool assists you in choosing a career path that suits your skills and strengths. By asking you questions, Wyoming Boots helps match you with careers that match your interests and abilities. It also shows which Western Wyoming Community College classes can help you prepare for those careers.

When you have a clear idea of what job you want, it can be easier to finish your studies on time and succeed in your career. Wyoming Boots uses information about employment in the market to help you find jobs that match what you're good at. It also recommends the right programs at Western Wyoming Community College to help you succeed in your chosen career.

As you explore different careers, you can see details like how much money you might make and what education you'll need. This information can help you choose what you want to study. Additionally, Wyoming Boots has a handy tool for building your resume. It suggests things you can put on your resume based on the work you've done before.

New students will learn about Wyoming Boots and how their Western program connects with various careers during their Individual Advising Appointment (IAA). Once the student finishes the assessment, their Student Success Coach will be available to review the results with the student. Wyoming Boots is a great way to start planning your college journey!