Top 10 Reasons Why

Western Is The Right Choice - Start Building Your Resume Today!

Here at Western Wyoming Community College we turn your passions into purpose. There are so many reasons to attend Western Wyoming Community College, so you can imagine how hard it was to pick only ten. However we did it! Please check out below the top ten reasons on why YOU should attend Western and become the next Mustang. 

1. Wyoming is ranked #5 in the nation for higher education

U.S. News’ 2023 evaluation of all 50 states found Wyoming to be the fifth best state for higher education. Factors contributing to this are low student-to-faculty ratios – Western’s is 11 students to every professor. Additionally, Wyoming’s state graduation rate is 55%, while the national average is just 28%. Western offers 36 associate degree programs, 39 certificate offerings, and one bachelor program. Discover more!   

2. Save $34k in two years

College doesn’t have to be expensive. By coming to Western Wyoming Community College first, versus a University, you can on average $17,000 a year. In addition, Western awarded roughly $7 million in scholarships, grants, and federal aid in 2022/2023.  According to U.S. News Wyoming is ranked #8 in the nation for two-year college graduation rates. Whether you are from Wyoming, out-of-state, an online learner, a traditional student, or an adult learner, Western can help you achieve your dream. Check out Western's Financial Aid options. 

3. Earn, on average, $71,041 after 5 years

When going to College you are investing in your future. Western students on average earned $71,041 five years after graduating. With U.S. News ranking Wyoming at #5 for low debt at graduation, Western provides students with opportunity, not debt. Western also hosts a Career Fair in the spring that brings in local and state businesses with job opportunities for those that want to jump right into the workforce.  

4. Be a part of 78%

Students come first in our book, and we make sure you feel that during your studies here. Through a variety of academic labs, co-curricular activities, available tutoring, access to professors and more, we give you the tools you need to be successful. This is proven by 78% of all students passing their courses. Your ability to succeed matters here.   

5. Hands on learning and small class sizes

Western’s faculty is known for caring about their students. The small class sizes, 11 students for every professor, make student learning more successful. Western was ranked #10 in the U.S. for Best Student to Faculty Ratio in 2021. Not only do students get more one-on-one time with their instructors, but they also get hands-on opportunities they wouldn’t see until years later at a four-year institution. Find out more about ourfaculty  for your academic major and email them directly to learn more. 

6. Campus is close to the residence halls and we have free parking

With Wyoming’s incredible landscape also comes winter weather - great for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding, but not always fun for commuting. Western’s residence halls are close to campus so you can get to class as quickly and as comfortably as possible and available for part-time or full-time students. Not to mention you are 40% more likely to graduate by staying in one of Western’s residence halls. Check out ourresidence hall options here! Resident halls aren’t just for the single life either, Western offers families the ability to live somewhere safe while pursuing your education. Not only do you have a quick commute to class, but Western’s parking is always free - anywhere on campus, and you can rest easy with Western’s six full-time security personnel on campus 24/7. Take a tour or check out thecampus map for an overview with pictures.  

7. Vibrant campus with tons of Student Life activities

Our students can participate in intramural sports, dances, open-mic nights, movie nights, meet with friends in the game room, join clubs, attend off-campus trips and activities as well as enjoy the amenities our campus has to offer. Western offers outdoor rec courses such as whitewater rafting, snowboarding, fly fishing, rock climbing and more. On campus you’ll find a host of amenities to enjoy, snow or shine. From studying in the plant zone of Hay Library to shooting pool in the Game Room or enjoying the hot tub in the Aquatic Center there's always something to enjoy on campus. At Western we care about your mental health too! Visit our Wellbeing and Accessibility office to chill out and relax, or talk to someone about how you are feeling. Visit our Student Life page for the details!  

8. Join some of the best students with an average 3.1 GPA  

Western’s small class sizes and hands-on learning opportunities allow students to excel in ways that a large university classroom struggles to replicate. This is seen with Western students having an average 3.1 GPA. At Western, each student has a faculty advisor and a personal success coach to help them navigate College. They’re able to meet with faculty one-on-one with questions or concerns and students have access to additional support from Peer Tutoring, the MAC lab for assistance with math homework, and more. Western provides the tools students need to succeed.  

9. Be a LEADER at Western 

Western encourages students to take a leadership role in one of the 25 clubs (on average). Students are able to create their own unique club with Western support. Not only does this type of role look great on your resume, it helps develop important skills for the workplace after graduation. Western even has leadership scholarship opportunities! Learn more on ourClub and Student Government page about honors on our Phi Thea Kappa page. Apply to be a Mustang Ambassador here.  

10. Join SkillsUSA at Western  

SkillsUSA is a national organization dedicated to building the future skilled workforce our nation depends on with graduates who are career ready, day one. Western students can compete in various sections of SkillsUSA from teacher education to welding. In 2022 Welding students represented Western at SkillsUSA’s national competition in Georgia.