Living On Campus

Welcome to Western Housing, home to Western students for over 40 years.  

Our on-campus resident halls offer 7 different styles of housing. Our residents are adventurers, leaders, creatives, friends, and students.  

I love the amenities that Western Housing provides. It makes living on campus so convenient and easy!

At Western, we strive to create a community of students who embrace this new and exciting opportunity. Being in college will means you will meet new people and make new friends. The friendships you will create will last you a lifetime.    

Western Housing wants to provide you with the college experience at the community college price! Our Residence Halls provide students with:  

  • Opportunities to meet new people. 
  • Get to your class with ease, our Residence Halls are located right on campus.  
  • Our room styles cost around $300 a month. Saving you money and allowing you to have independence 
  • Make memories with friends that will last a lifetime! 

Want to learn more about us?

Western is an award-winning college in both our on-campus and distance learning programs. We believe our students come first, and your success is our #1 priority. Our motto says it best: “Enter with passion, leave with purpose”. Let us help you on your path to success!