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Official Western transcripts can be ordered online at any time by using the National Student Clearinghouse link. Each official transcript request costs $5.25.

Students can print an unofficial transcript by logging into My Western and going to the Self-Service Menu - For Students - My Academic Information - My Transcripts.

Contact Mustang Central at (307)382-1677 or at mustangcentral@westernwyoming.edu with any questions!

In order to apply to Western Wyoming Community College you need to fill out the online application. The second step to being accepted for admission is sending your official high school transcript and any college or university transcripts where you currently are attending or have attended in the past, including concurrent enrollment classes. Western Wyoming is an open enrollment institution with no specific GPA or ACT requirements in order to be accepted for admission. It is FREE to apply to Western and there is no application deadline however, the scholarship priority deadline is April 1st of each year. Remember to apply for scholarships prior to April 1st for a better chance at receiving aid.

Send your official transcripts to:

Admissions Department

Western Wyoming Community College

2500 College Drive

Rock Springs, WY 82901

The cost to attend at Western Wyoming Community College is very affordable and the prices are listed below. Overall costs may vary based on residency status.

Statuses include: 

Wyoming Resident: 

Students may qualify as a Wyoming Resident after 6 months of residency upon submission of appropriate documentation to support the residency claim.

If residency status changes, students wishing to request a review of the residency decision must submit documentation along with the "Initial Residency" decision or the "Change of Residency" form to the Registrar in Registration and Records.

WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange):
Students from the the following states qualify for WUE. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington.


Any other state other than WUE states.

The cost per credit hour for in-state students is $150.00 per credit. For WUE it is $203.00 per credit, and for Out-of-State it is $360.00 per credit.

With questions feel free to contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or email.

Western Wyoming Community College has seven styles of housing to choose from.  Students must be taking one or more credits in a degree program. Students who live on-campus at Western will not share a bathroom with more than 4 people. Each student who decides to live on-campus needs to pay the one-time $150 Housing Application Fee that can be paid at any time. Once this is paid, the housing application will be emailed to the student. Please contact the Dean of Students Office with questions by calling 307-382-1888, texting 307-389-9082, or emailing housing@westernwyoming.edu.

Western Wyoming Community College has a number of scholarships available for students to apply for at Western. The scholarship priority deadline at Western is April 1st and students that apply for scholarships prior to this date will have a better chance of receiving scholarships and aid to pay for college. Remember that there are no guarantees with receiving scholarships but students are encouraged to apply prior to April 1st

Below are some special academic scholarships for students that they can receive by simply applying for admissions and submitting an official high school transcript. 

Hathaway Academic Scholarship for Wyoming Students

Honors: $3,360 yearly award + $1,200 yearly enhancement (if requirement met)
Requires a minimum 3.5 high school GPA and ACT composite of 25
Must complete State required class curriculum

Performance: $2,520 yearly award + $1,000 yearly enhancement (if requirement met) 
Requires a minimum 3.0 high school GPA and ACT composite of 21 
Must complete State required class curriculum

Opportunity: $1,680 yearly award 
Requires a minimum 2.5 high school GPA and ACT composite of 19 
Must complete State required class curriculum
(Can attend either The University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college)

Provisional: $1,680 yearly award
Requires a minimum 2.5 high school GPA and ACT composite of 17 
Must complete State required class curriculum
(Must start at a Wyoming community college)

In order for Honors or Performance level awards to receive the Western enhancement, Hathaway scholarship must be initiated by July 31st. Hathaway Scholarships are awarded based on college-level class enrollment; if below 12 college-level credit hours awards are prorated.

Out of State Academic Scholarship

This is a scholarship stipend awarded to Out-of-State high school seniors who complete the admissions application and send an official high school transcript. This is a four semester stipend awarded to students that will be graduating from high school.
Students must be enrolled in 12 college-level credit hours per semester at Western. The Out-of-State Academic Scholarship is awarded in 3 levels.

Honors: $4,560 yearly award (Requires a minimum 3.5 high school GPA and ACT composite of 25) 

Performance: $3,520 yearly award (Requires a minimum 3.0 high school GPA and ACT composite of 21) 

Opportunity: $1,680 yearly award (Require a minimum 2.5 high school GPA and ACT composite of 19)

Maintenance of Award: For continuation, students must complete at least 12 credit hours per semester with a 3.00 CUM GPA for Honors and Performance, and a 2.00 CUM GPA for Opportunity. Consortium agreements are not applicable.

Sweetwater County High School Graduate

Sweetwater County High School Graduate Stipend awarded to students that graduated from a Sweetwater County high school in 2012 or after. This scholarship must be initialized within 2 years of graduation from high school.

This $2,000 a year stipend requires that applicants complete the application process for admission to Western and attend Western full-time. For continuation, students must complete 12 or more credits each semester with a 2.0 CUM GPA. Consortium agreements are not applicable.

For a list of all scholarships available at western please visit Academic Works.

With questions about scholarships, please contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or email.

FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is money that is given to students who qualify by the federal government based on specific requirements. FAFSA is free to apply and there are three options available for students wishing to apply.

Loans: Money that is loaned to students by the federal government and is expected to pay back within a certain time frame. 

Federal Work Study: Students applying for jobs at Western can qualify for Federal Work Study and be paid hourly by the government by working a student job at Western.

Grants: Grants are free money that doesn't need to be paid back as long as students meet the GPA and other requirements. 

In order to fill out the free FAFSA Application, visit https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa.

With questions, please contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or email.

Simply fill out the part-time registration form

Registration for courses requiring proof of a pre-requisite may be delayed until transcripts or assessment scores are received by Western Wyoming Community College. If there is a pre-requisite for a course, please e-mail a copy of an unofficial transcript, degree audit, or placement scores to mustangcentral@westernwyoming.edu. This is required before registration can be completed.

Once the form is completed and you are registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also receive an e-mail with your student login shortly after being registered.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or mustangcentral@westernwyoming.edu!

After you have been accepted to Western Wyoming Community College, the next step would be to make an appointment with one of our academic Advisors in our Mustang Central Office. Our Advisors will help to create your class scheduled and get you registered in the classes you need in order to be successful and to graduate and move on to a four year college or university or move into the workforce. 

With questions about scheduling an appointment with Mustang Central, call 307-382-1677 or email.

Appointments aren't required but are recommended especially if needing to speak to a faculty member, visit about financial aid and scholarships, or needing to speak to someone in a specific department. 

However, the majority of questions can be answered at our Mustang Central Office and if they don't know they answer they will be able to get you to the appropriate office or person. 

Contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or by email

You can contact our Wellbeing and Accessibility Office concerning any IEP, 504, counseling, or accommodations questions. The Wellbeing and Accessibility Office Staff are here to help all students be successful while attending Western. They can be contacted at 307-382-1652.

Still can't find an answer? We're here to help! Call Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 or email.

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