College Now

Jumpstart Your Future! 

Are you interested in getting a head start taking college classes during high school? Do you want to expand your educational opportunities right now? 

The goal of Western's College Now program is to provide early access to college credits for high school students. 

Students can start their associate's degree while attending high school.  

*Please see your local Outreach or high school counselor for specific information regarding what your student as access to as a dual or concurrent student.  

Save money when you go to college by having credits towards the degree you want!

Develop skills and habits to become a successful college student.  

Gain confidence and set yourself up for success by experiencing college classes in high school.

Gain new experiences! 

Choose courses that are applicable to a variety of careers and degrees. 

Get an education that will prepare you for the real world and your future career! 


The Wyoming legislative intent is that there is no cost to the student or their family for dual and/or concurrent enrollment. Check with your student's high school counselor or Western Outreach office to determine the options provided within your district. 

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