Parent or Guardian

Western gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their student is building an educational foundation that will carry into the future, and that they are doing so in a safe, comfortable, caring atmosphere.

Western was named the second best two year college in the nation because of the high quality and relatively low cost. The student-to-faculty ratio is 11 to 1, allowing plenty of one-on-one time.

As a parent, you probably have some clear ideas about what you want for your student in terms of college.  Although the decision is ultimately the students’, we understand that you weigh in and share your feelings and opinions. 

Parents appreciate the housing offered at Western and the safety of the residence halls. There are seven different styles of housing that meet the needs of any student - all of them are within walking distance of campus. The entire campus is under one roof, so it's easy for students to get to classes, and they can do so without braving Wyoming weather.

Western offers several different meal plans and parents like the option of choosing the one that best fits their budget, including Mitchell's All-You-Can-Eat Dining Hall.

Speaking of budgets, a variety of financial aid is available, including several scholarships. There are also several opportunities for students to work and earn money on campus, which also helps with the cost of secondary education.

Recent studies show that parents’ biggest concerns include that a college is a good fit for their student, that it is safe, affordable and offers real-world skills. It is also important that their student has a first-rate academic experience.

Statistics reveal that a larger number of students believe they can build a solid educational base at a community college, whether they are studying the sciences, humanities or engineering - Western is the ideal place to begin that education.