Western is an award-winning institution that strives to help you succeed in accomplishing your academic goals while pursuing your passion. Our 36 associate’s degrees, 39 certificates, and 1 bachelor's degree ensure that Western can meet your academic needs.

One of the ways we help you succeed is through clearly defined academic paths so you stay on track with your degree or certificate. This allows you and your advisor to track your academic career so you can make decisions based on the responsibilities you have for graduation.


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Top Ten Reasons Why

Wyoming higher education is ranked #3 in the nation. At Western, with roughly 3,000 students, you have the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond. Participate in research opportunities, be a president for one of the 20 clubs on campus, star on the stage, or run for student body. At Western you can start building your resume today.

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Major Programs

Western offers over 36 degree pathways, small class sizes, and faculty who are invested in their students. Whether you have a clear educational path ahead of you, or if you’re finding your passion – Western has what you need. In addition, we have one, new bachelor's degree option and 39 certificates available.

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Academic Pathways

Western’s Academic Pathways give you a clear path to achieving your goals. Whether you pursue a degree or certificate, the pathways ensure that you stay on course, saving you time and money!

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Online Learning

Looking for an award-winning, quality, affordable, education at your fingertips? Western knows that not all students have the same needs. We cater to students by offering a variety of programs that fit your educational goals AND your schedule.

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Support Services

Students are our focus and priority. We want you to have the absolute best experience while at Western, so we make every attempt to provide tools and services that support your academic efforts from start to graduation.

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