Peer Tutor

Our Mission

The Mission of our Peer Tutors is to facilitate the success of all Western students through high quality tutoring and learning opportunities that meet the needs and expectations of the students and faculty we serve. Our tutors work to be nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). This directly influences our standards to assist students in the best possible environment and methods. Our methods include one-on-one, group and at the time most convenient for the student. We also offer online tutoring for distant students and for those students traveling due to athletic activities.

Test Proctoring

In addition to tutoring, the Peer Tutor Center supports academic excellence at Western through diligent test/exam proctoring. Our procedures align with the National College Testing Association’s Professional Standards and Guidelines.

“Taylor was very helpful. I ended up getting 100% on the speech that she helped me with. I also made a video, for one of my other classes, about Peer Tutor Center because it is very helpful.”-— Stacee Bird
I have learned so much from CRLA training. It has taught me values that I’ve continued using outside of my tutoring sessions. I learned to actively listen and detect what someone is telling me without assuming the wrong things. I also learned that everyone has a different way of receiving knowledge and understanding. This led me to imbibe and adapt the way I tutor/interact with someone accordingly. One more thing I picked up is that tutoring non-traditional students has exposed me to people of different backgrounds. Although they were different, they had something in common: they were all happy. They had a joyful home to get back to. This taught me that solving math problems doesn’t make us happy. Instead, education is just a mean to improve our material life.-— Marie Nelly Mbungu
Accounting 2010 Biology Communications
Intro to Computer Science 1010 Education 2440 English 1010, 1020
ESL Macro-Economics  
Public Speaking Spanish 1010-2040 Statistics 2050


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