Mustang Loop Trail System


In 2021 the Board of Trustees for Western Wyoming Community College donated land to local organizations to construct a multi-use mountain biking, hiking, and running trail system, located behind the College’s residence halls. By fall 2022 the main trail, Mustang Loop, was complete. Mustang Loop is a green trail and is 42 inches wide, making it Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) accessible throughout. The trail is designed for everyone’s recreational usage.   

“Sweetwater Trails Alliance (SWTA) is excited to create the Gateway Boulevard trail - the first of what we hope to be many multi-user trails in the area. ...”— Randall Dale, SWTA member and project lead

In the Spring of 2022 four additional connector trails were added for advanced bikers; two are coded blue and the other two are coded black. Local volunteers cut, groomed, and built the bridges for the trail. Thanks to their efforts the initial trail, spanning 2.7 miles, has now grown to almost 5 miles of trails. With the design of the trails recreation goers can design a path system that works best for them. 

A color coded map of Mustang Loop. In the top the map reads, Mustang Loop Trail System. The map shows three color coded trails and how they connect. The longest trail, colored green, is called Mustang Loop. Three blue trails connect to Mustang Loop and one black trail connects to it as well. The map has a key at the bottom to show distances.     Printable Map

The trail system is open to students, visitors, and community members alike. With 300 tons of road base, the trail is accessible year-round, offering a space to enjoy outdoor recreation in the middle of town. In addition to biking, hiking, and running, during the winters when there is enough snow, the trail can also be used for cross-country skiing. 

Current Status:

Trail Etiquette and Expectations: 

Certain types of recreational are not allowed on the trail system. Vehicles not allowed on Mustang Loop include motorized all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and dirt bikes. Horseback riding is also not permitted. 

As you use the system please remember to adhere to trail etiquette. The International Mountain Biking Accosition's trail etiquette reminds mountain bikers to stay in control, yield to others using trail systems, and to stay on the designated trail. By following these guidelines everyone will be able to enjoy our great outdoors and feel comfortable with their fellow recreators. 

Dogs are allowed on Mustang Loop, but are required to be leashed and for their waste to be picked up.

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