Mustang Radio 91.3

Delivering Wyoming’s most eclectic mix of programming, Mustang Radio 91.3FM is your talk radio and music discovery station!

Mustang Radio is an educational, commercial-free, student-supported station broadcasting from Western Wyoming Community College. Mustang Radio is student-run with the guidance of a professional staff, who, together, produce student led shows.

Mustang Radio has an eclectic collection of radio shows from The BOOM! that allows the student opinions to shine or Backroad Stories every Friday, there is a show that interests anyone on campus.

Mustang Radio broadcasts the Mustang Athletics games to the community for those to tune in and listen that cannot make it to Rushmore Gymnasium for the games.  It also provides students with the opportunity to learn how to produce play-by-play and color commentary for athletic events.

Mustang Radio is ran by the Mustang Radio Club that currently meets every Monday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Join this outgoing group of students to produce your own radio show, learn how to DJ, and turn your passion into a purpose.


Mustang Radio is a student-run online radio station at Western Wyoming community College. We believe in sharing diverse taste in music and unique perspectives!Mustang Radio Club Advisor and Coordinator of Housing & Student Life, Chelley Comstock.

Continue your passion, get involved!

We offer many opportunities for students to gain new skills and experiences.

Host a show, play your music, and chat about anything that’s important to you. Contact Coordinator of Housing & Student Life, Chelley Comstock at to see how.

Learn how to use a wide range of up to date radio equipment! Join Mustang Radio Club now to gain this experience.

Volunteer – Join Mustang Radio Club to help out with many student and community events! Join Mustang Radio Club to see how!