Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is a space where students, faculty, staff and community members can come utilize the Cardio and Weight machine rooms for exercise.  These facilities are utilized to teach our Exercise Science majors, provide physical activity courses for credit and where individuals can come workout on their own after purchasing a Wellness pass. 

Wellness passes can be purchased for each semester, $25 for students, $75 for community members.  The facility is available from 6 AM - 10 PM, with the exception of posted class time 1-2 hours a day,  every day the college is open.  The Summer rate is $15 for students and $25 for community members because the college is only open Monday-Thursday. 

To purchase a Fitness pass, Students should go to Mustang Central.  Community members need to purchase their pass in the Business Office on the 3rd floor.  All individuals will need to sign a Liability Waiver and Informed Consent at the time of purchase. 

For questions about the Fitness Center equipment and space or help to learn how to use the equipment, please contact Kristine Clark. 

These equipment are utilized for our PEAC and KIN courses.  If you would like to utilize these types of equipment, please sign up for one of the PEAC courses we offer. 

For safety and liability reasons, the weights are locked up in the weight room and are utilized during classes, like the Weight Training course, when there is supervision available.   

The Fitness Center pass provides access to the Cardio Room and Fixed Machine Weight Rooms.  The Free Weight room is for Athletic use and used for certain PEAC and KIN courses.