There are many reasons why one should join a student led club. These opportunities can help you with a career, personal development, and help you make new friends with interest like yours!

Western Wyoming Community College’s student led clubs are a true strength of our campus community. They span the spectrum from the professional to the social, hosting events of all kinds both on and off campus. These organizations greatly enrich our students time here at Western.

How to Join a Club?

To join a club that has already been chartered, email with your name and what club you'd be interested in joining. From there we will get you the correct club's contact information. The Student Life department can be found in the Dean of Students Office (2006)

To start a club at Western, the club must be chartered through our Student Government Association. You must fill out this form in its entirety to be considered for charter. If you have any questions about the form email

Why Join a Club?

The easiest way to network with Western students who have similar interests is joining a student led club. The people you meet can help you continue your passion and learn how to succeed as a team.

Learning how to interact with other people from different backgrounds can be huge benefit as you move into the working world. This is also an opportunity to polish your social skills.

If you join a student club focused on professional development, you will increase your exposure to others in your field of study.

If you become part of a club’s leadership, you take up the challenge to be a leader among your peers and learn how balance your school, life, and work responsibilities.
Student led clubs give you a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about fundraising, club finances, event marketing, team work and much more.
Make new friends! You get a chance to meet people and build good friendships. You will be part of the social activities and feel more connected with your school. 

Western Chartered Clubs

Taking part in a club can be a fun part of your college experience! You can meet new people, develop your leadership skills and contribute to the campus community. Below is a list of active clubs at Western:

  • Latter- Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)
  • Student Nurses Association (SNA)
  • Cultural Connections Club
  • Stampede Club (School Spirit Club)
  • Association of Non-Traditional Students (A.N.T.S) Club
  • BeLeGIT Club (LGTBQ+ Club)
  • Dance Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Radio Club
  • Residence Halls Association (RHA)
  • Skills USA
  • Ambassadors of Christ
  • Programmers Club
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
    • Includes: Senate & Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Can't find the right club for you? Start your own! A club gives you the opportunity to participate in the activities outside of the classroom that make you who you are, and help make your Western experience that much more unique and worthwhile!

  • You need to fill out a Club Chartering Packet. They can be found in the Dean of Student's Office (2006).
  • To be a Club you need a Faculty/Staff to be your advisor. This is an important part of your Club. They will help you with meetings, events, and so much more. Try to find an advisor that’s just as passionate about your club as you are!
  • Members! You need at least 4 other students participating in your Club. These 4 members can be your President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • You need a purpose for your club. Why are you creating this club? What will the members do/accomplish?
  • Think about some activities and events your club will hold!
  • Will you need money to run your Club? Find out more information on how to receive SGA grants through the “Instructions for Club Charting” packet found in Mustang Central.
  • Once you have what you need you can attend an SGA Regular Meeting (Wednesday’s at 12 PM).
  • At the meeting you will submit all of the items you’ve collected. Voting will be done during the next SGA Regular Meeting, following the one at which it is submitted.
Once the charter is approved, the SGA Secretary will contact you to notify you have been approved in writing.

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