Support Services

Mustang Central - Our one-stop-help center to assist your student with admissions, registration, financial aid, housing, student identification cards and so much more! Located at the main entrance. Visit the Mustang Central Page for more information.

Business Office - This office is dedicated to providing financial services to the entire Western Wyoming Community College community. It provides support to assist students in processing payments or finding payment plans. The Business Office is committed to providing these services in a professional, friendly and respectful manner. For more information, visit the Business Office Page

Mustang Success - This center is available to your student for all your advising, career, employment, internship, and transfer questions. International students can also use this office as a resource. For more information, visit the Academic Advising Page

Campus Safety - If there is an emergency, call 911. If you need immediate assistance, or feel threatened on campus, call Campus Security at 307-382-1690. If you would like to report an incident or your concern about an individual, use the Reporting form. Visit the Campus Safety Page for more information.

Wellbeing & Accessibility - Succeed, thrive, matter. Licensed mental health professionals are available to assist all students with any personal issues that may prevent educational success and/or personal well-being. Counseling services are provided in a confidential, positive, and supportive environment where you can feel free to voice your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and become empowered to pursue your personal and educational goals. Visit the Wellbeing & Accessibility Page for more information.

Peer Tutor Center - Tutoring is available for your student in several courses, including: Basic English, Biology, College Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, English, US History, Math 900 Level, and Spanish. Visit the Peer Tutor Center Page for more information. 

  • Phone: 307-382-1707
  • Email:
  • Location: Second Floor, Room 2006