Dual & Concurrent

The goal of Western's Dual and Concurrent program is to provide early access to college classes for prepared high school students. Enrolling in college classes during high school will help your student get a head start on their college career, allow them to explore their options before getting into college, and help them transition into college with the support of their high school. 

Benefits of Dual and Concurrent Enrollment:

  • Your student can earn both high school and college credit.
  • Students that participate in dual and concurrent enrollment have higher GPAs than students who do not.
  • High school students who take college courses subsequently perform better in college than those with no history of dual enrollment course taking.
  • Dual and concurrent students are more likely to go to college and complete their degrees.
  • Students who earned college credits in dual enrollment and similar programs before high school graduation have a lower average time to degree - 4.25 years compared to 4.65 years.
  • By taking college classes in high school, the cost of college decrease for the student and their family.
  • Career and technical students have documented skills to offer their employer and a head start on further training.


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