Policy 5430A


Students of Western Wyoming Community College (the College) are members of an academic community of scholars and learners. As valued members of this academic community, and in order that the goals and objectives of the College are realized, students are guaranteed certain individual rights by state and federal laws and policies of the College. The College is committed to the creation and perpetuation of an optimal learning environment in which students may exercise fully their rights and freedoms as citizens of the College community, and be protected against infringements on such rights and freedoms by members of the College community, or by members of society at large. Enumeration of the rights or registration at Western or constituent programs or agencies shall in no manner be construed to nullify or limit any other constitutional or legal rights or freedoms possessed by students as citizens or residents of the United States or the State of Wyoming. 

The policy guarantees the following rights and freedoms:

I.   The right to be treated with dignity, courtesy, and fairness.
II.  The right to a safe environment that recognizes the dignity and worth of every member of the community.
III. Students residing on campus have the right to a standard of living adequate for their health and well-being.
IV. The right to peaceful assembly, petition for redress, or peaceably protest College or government action in accordance with constitutional, statutory, and policy protections.
V.  The freedom to express opinions on the College campus, and in the classroom as it relates to the course content, and the right to be evaluated in the classroom solely on the basis of academic achievement and fulfillment of education requirements.
VI. The right to join and organize associations in order to promote common interests.
VII. Acknowledgement and respect for a student's constitutional and statutory rights of privacy.

a. Students have the right to privacy of their educational records as required by federal and state law.
b. Students have the right to refuse to sign any contract that would waive the student's right to privacy and due process of law.
c. Students have the right to decline searches of their person and personal property by College officials and may not be subject to any retaliatory disciplinary sanctions for invoking this right.

VIII. The right to be free from any disciplinary action by the College for misconduct except under reasonable rules which have as their substantive basis the protection of some clear and distinct interest of the College as an academic institution.

IX.  The right to a fair, prompt and impartial hearing when charged with violations of the Code of Student Conduct policy 5420A including:

a. The right to a written statement of charges, supporting documentation (i.e. incident report) and procedures of the disciplinary process.
b. The right to have an advisor present in conduct hearings.
c. The right to appeal resulting decisions.
d. Students accused of academic misconduct have the right to an informal meeting with the instructor who will provide the opportunity for the student to respond or explain the alleged academic misconduct and may appeal Instructor Imposed Sanctions to the appropriate Division Chair and Vice President of Student Learning as specified in policy 5430C.

X.  The right to due process in any action brought or taken by the College against the student which can be reasonably expected to affect the student’s status with the College. See policy 5430B.

XI. The right to petition for changes in either academic or nonacademic regulations, procedures, or practices and the right to be represented by a democratic student government.

XII. The right to protection from ex post facto regulations. 

Replaces previous Policy 5430A, Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Adopted: October 8, 2020
Reformatted: December 14, 2022

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