Policy 5260A


Reference: Wyoming State Statute: W.S. 19-11-120

Western Wyoming Community College, in recognition of its responsibilities to its students who are National Guard members or reservists in the U.S. Armed Forces, will adhere to appropriate national and state statutes, which pertain to the mobilization of these citizen soldiers. It is the intention of the College that reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate students so as to minimize the disruption of their education while fulfilling their military obligations. When a student is placed on an emergency mobilization status, and/or when a mobilization is anticipated to exceed 15 calendar days, the student or his/her designee must present an official copy of his/her activation orders to the Vice President for Student Services as soon as possible after receipt of the orders. The College will endeavor to provide appropriate accommodations that address the individual student’s unique needs.

Approved: November 12, 2015
Reformatted: March 17, 2017

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