Save $34k by coming to Western your first two years! 

College doesn’t have to be expensive. By coming to Western Wyoming Community College first, you can save big time–up to $17,000 a year on average compared to going to a local University. Visit our tuition comparison page and see how you can save on average $34,000 your first two years by coming to Western. 

The State of Wyoming understands the value of a College education, and makes it affordable for everyone. Not only can you save money at Western, you have more opportunities to be a 'big fish in a small pond'. With roughly 3,000 students compared to 30,000 at a university, our students have a greater chance to be club president, write for the College's blog, student government positions, lead research projects, and more. Western also provides a greater reach in support services and has 11 to 1 class sizes. What does this mean for you? More hands-on opportunities to help you graduate and gain experience for your resume.

To speak to an Advisor, please contact mustangcentral@westernwyoming.edu or call 800-226-1181 to schedule an appointment online or in-person.