7000 Series: Board Governance and Operation


7110A - Mission Statement
7110B - Guiding Principles
7110C - Vision Statement
7110D - Goals for Student Success
7110E - Strategic Plan
7110G - Specialized Accreditation


7210A - The College District
7210B - Board Powers and Duties
7210C - Board Member Authority
7210D - Board Elections
7210E - Board Member Qualifications/Oath of Office
7210F - Vacancies: Unexpired Term Fulfillment
7210G - Board Member Conflict of Interest
7210H - Board Member Code of Ethics


7310A - Board Organizational Meeting
7310B - Board Officers
7310C - Board - College President Relationship
7310D - Board Committees
7310E - Western Wyoming College Foundation Board
7310F - College Attorney
7310G - Support for Board Operations
7310H - Board Audit Committee


7410A - Board Meetings
7410B - Executive Sessions
7410D - Notification of Board Meetings
7410E - Board Meeting Agendas
7410G - Quorum
7410H - Voting Method
7410I - Minutes
7410J - Public Participation at Board Meetings
7410K - Rules of Order
7410L - Rules of Practice Governing Hearings


7510A - Board Policy and Administrative Procedure
7510B - Policies and Procedures Committee
7510C - Policy Adoption
7510D - Suspension of Policies/Procedures
7510E - Policy/Procedure Dissemination
7510F - Emergency and Safety Planning


7610A - Board - Staff Communications
7620A - Board Self-Evaluation
7630A - President Evaluation


7710A - New Board Member Orientation
7710B - Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
7710C - Board Members Compensation, Expenses, and Liability Insurance
7710D - Board Memberships
7710E - Board Legislative Program


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