Sweetwater County High School Graduate Scholarship

Sweetwater County High School Graduate Scholarship Badge

This is a special gift and opportunity sponsored by the Sweetwater County BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educations Services).SWCBOCES

New Structure to Sweetwater BOCES scholarship: 

3-5 Credits


6-8 Credits


9-11 Credits


12-14 Credits


15+ Credits



Nursing students will have an additional year for the scholarship. BAS students will have an additional two years for the scholarship. Allow students to receive scholarship in the summer semester up to 6 credits. 

After receiving this award, to maintain eligibility, a student will need to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and will need to be full-time (12+ credits/semester).

The best thing, there is no scholarship application! Your High School information is captured in your main application with the College. 

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