Hathaway Scholarship

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The Hathaway Scholarship program was designed to provide an incentive for Wyoming students to prepare for and pursue post–secondary education within the state of Wyoming.

The program consists of four separate merit scholarships, each with specific eligibility requirements, and a need–based scholarship for eligible students that supplements the merit awards.

How to Apply:

1. Complete the application for admission to Western (the Hathaway application questions are included on this application)

2. Have copies of your current high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores sent to Western for an estimated award to calculated before you graduate

3. After graduation, have your high school send a final transcript that includes your graduation date.  Priority deadline for final high school transcripts is July 31st.

4. The scholarship amounts are finalized at census, keep in mind that the Hathaway Scholarship will only pay for college level (1000 level/above) courses.

How to Qualify:

I have/will graduate with a/from a...

To qualify students must meet curriculum, ACT and Hathaway GPA (weighted) requirements. Students must apply within four years of their high school graduation. Click the link below for more information


To qualify students must meet ACT and High School Equivalency test score requirements.  Students must apply within four years of their natural graduation date (the date your senior cohort class graduated).  Click the link below for more information


To qualify students must meet curriculum and ACT requirements.  Students have until their 21st birthday to apply. Click the link below for more information


The student is/has:

  • a graduate from an eligible Wyoming high school
  • a Wyoming resident as determined by the eligible institution
  • a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien who meets the definition of an eligible non-citizen under federal Title IV requirements
  • been accepted into a degree or certificate seeking program at one of the seven community colleges or the University of Wyoming
  • complied with United States selective service system requirements for registration (if applicable)

The student is/has not:

  • in default on a federal Title IV education loan
  • incarcerated
  • been convicted of a felony in this state or another jurisdiction and has not been granted an exception by the WDE

Transfer Students

A Hathaway transfer transcript is required to transfer the scholarship to/from one Wyoming college to another. 

Contact Mustang Central at 307-382-1677 to request a Hathaway Transcript if you are transferring from Western to another Wyoming College. 

Students transferring to Western will need to contact the financial aid office(s) at the other Wyoming college(s) previously attended and where Hathaway has been used to have a Hathaway Transcript sent to Western.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Hathaway can be used for the equivalent of four full time semesters at any Wyoming community college and four full-time semesters at the University of Wyoming.  
  • Provisional Opportunity students must earn a degree before transferring the scholarship to the University of Wyoming.
  • A consortium agreement is required for a student dually enrolled at two/more Wyoming colleges
    • The student will receive Hathaway funds from the home institution only and are subject to the payment schedule/deadlines of the host institution

Request More Information

For specific questions about the Hathaway Scholarship contact Mustang Central (307) 382-1677 or email.

“We must all work together to build a better Wyoming.”-— Governor Stanley Hathaway

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