Tuition Comparison

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College doesn’t have to be expensive. By coming to Western Wyoming Community College first, you can save big time–up to $17,000 a year on average compared to going to a local University. 

In-State Comparison 2-year total Per Semester WUE 2-year WUE Semester In-State 2-Year In-State Semester
University of Wyoming $18,292 $4,573        
Out Of State - Universities            
BYU $24,480 $6,120        
Idaho State University $50,652 $12,663 $21,672.04 $5,418.01 $15,744 $3,936.00
Snow College $26,952 $6,738 $11,616 $2,904 $8,000 $2,000
University of Utah $52,645 $13,161.20     $16,592.04 $4,148.01
Utah State University $45,609 $11,402.35     $16,109.96 $4,027.49
Weber State University $33,289 $8,322.31     $12,456.08 $3,114.02
Westminster College $77,360 $19,340        
Out of State - Community College            
Salt Lake Community College $25,466 $6,367     $8,171 $2,042.75


Average Tuition for 2 years at a University $41,159.93          
Tuition for 2 years at Western $7,200          
2-year savings by coming to Western!  $33,959.93           

(Comparison was pulled Fall 2021 and based on 12 credit hours per semester. Subject to change without notice. See College websites for more accurate information. Comparison does not include housing, books or other expenditures associated with College)

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The State of Wyoming understands the value of a College education, and makes it affordable for everyone. Not only can you save money at Western, you have more opportunities to be a 'big fish in a small pond'. With roughly 3,000 students compared to 30,000 at a university, our students have a greater chance to be club president, write for the College's blog, student government positions, lead research projects, and more. Western also provides a greater reach in support services and has 11 to 1 class sizes. What does this mean for you? More hands-on opportunities to help you graduate and gain experience for your resume.

Not sure what you want to be? 

Starting at a community college is the smart choice when you're unsure of a major. You can take your general studies while you explore career options. The College has resources to help guide you in finding your passion! One example is Career Coach, a survey that pairs you with academic majors that fit your skills and interests. Western Wyoming Community College will help you turn your passions into purpose. 

Affordable doesn't mean mediocre!  

NEW! After Western, transferring just got a whole lot simpler. Western Wyoming Community College is now part of the Interstate Passport program. Students can transfer seamlessly to any 4-year college within the program, saving you time and money. Below are a few nearby: 

  • University of Wyoming
  • Weber State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Utah State
  • The University of Utah
  • Southern Utah University
  • Snow College
  • Dixie State University 

Prefer to go to Hawaii for a change of pace? There are over 67 member institutions in 21 states for Interstate Passport. For a full list, visit Interstate Passport member page.

Ready to apply?

Applying to Western is free. There are five simple steps. Visit Apply on the Admissions & Aid page. Need help filling it out? The Mustang Central team is available in-person or by emailing You can also call 800-226-1600.

Get assistance locally! Head to one of our Outreach sites for in-person help:  

  • Big Piney: (307) 276-5522 
  • Bridger Valley  
  • Cokeville: (307) 279-3254 
  • Evanston
  • Kemmerer
  • Little Snake River Valley: (307) 383-6861
  • Pinedale: (307) 367-6873
  • Rawlins: (307) 328-9274
  • Star Valley: (307) 886-3834 

Want to learn more about us?

Western is an award-winning college in both our on-campus and distance learning programs. We believe our students come first, and your success is our #1 priority. Our motto says it best: “Enter with passion, leave with purpose”. Let us help you on your path to success!