Degrees & Certificates

The Western Wyoming Community College Welding Program offers students three different AAS Degree options, as well as three one-year certificate options. This allows the student to choose the option that best applies to his/her career path in welding.

Emphasis on coursework geared toward careers in the fields of fabrication, and manufacturing.  Promotes the use of welding processes that are better suited for indoor repetitive type production work such as GMAW, FCAW, and SAW.

Welding Technology Fabrication Shop A.A.S. Semester by Semester Program Map

Emphasis on coursework geared toward careers in the field of maintenance at any one of the many mines located in the immediate area, nationally, or even globally.  The processes taught in this option are manual processes used indoors or out, portable, and highly versatile such as SMAW, and FCAW.

Welding Technology Mine Maintenance A.A.S. Semester by Semester Program Map

Emphasis on coursework geared toward careers in the power generation industry.  This particular industry leans more in the direction of high-pressure piping, often on higher alloy steels.  The processes most commonly used in these applications are, SMAW, and GTAW.  Because of the use of higher alloy materials, and high-pressure applications, many times these careers require higher skill levels.

Welding Technology Industrial Plant A.A.S. Semester by Semester Program Map

The Western’s Welding Program also offers a one-year certificate program in each of the three degree options. These certificate options consist of 24 hours of coursework in the chosen welding option, in conjunction with 9 hours of Tech coursework including Metallurgy, Industrial Safety, and Reading Schematics.

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