Manufacturing & Industry

Have you always been naturally drawn to vehicle maintenance or anything with an engine? Perhaps you possess the natural dexterity and attention to detail that would make you a great welder. Maybe you want a career that allows you to work outside or one that requires excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Manufacturing and Industrial Technology include some of the most in-demand career paths in the nation. These careers are also among some of the highest-paying and most fulfilling.

Western creates an environment where students can select clearly defined academic paths to translate their goals and career aspirations into a completed degree and/or certificate. Each associate degree features a two-year sequence which indicates required courses. While students can take courses in a different semester if offered and certainly in summer school, it is important to understand prerequisite courses (courses that must be taken before the listed course) and that some classes are not offered each semester. Certificates have a defined timeline explained in their course requirements.

To facilitate the process, you will be placed on an electronic student plan that helps you track where you stand at any given point and plan your entire education around the other responsibilities you have. All degree-seeking students are expected to complete the required general education requirements. These will vary depending on the student’s academic/career path but typically include Written Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Western experience, and Human Society and the Individual degree fulfillment courses. Those taking development coursework prior to college-level math and English should work with their academic advisor to build the plan moving forward.

Please contact an advisor to learn more about these programs and allow them to better guide your college and career pathway at Western.

Academic Advising (Success Coaching)