Electrical & Instrumentation Technology

The Electrical and Instrumentation program here at Western Wyoming Community College is a well-established means for students to gain a competitive edge in not only the local workforce, but to also get started along further educational paths. The Wyoming State Legislature recently voted to approve legislation allowing junior colleges (including Western) to offer Bachelor of Applied Science programs, stemming from the Associate of Applied Science programs currently offered at these institutions. This opens up a whole wide world of possibilities for those enrolled in such institutions, revealing options previously reserved only for those that could attend traditional four-year universities. What this does is allow graduates of Western to seek out employment that may have been unattainable to them just last year. Jobs in Industrial Electrician positions, Automation Implementation Specialist positions and even Embedded Electrical Control Systems Engineering are now attainable from right here at home. Some students may even consider pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry in another region of the country.

Program Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of our program here at Western are such that, those with a high drive to succeed not just achieve, but will thrive.

The goals set forth for students in our program are:

  • Students will demonstrate safety awareness and safe work practices by recognizing and avoiding electrical hazards.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in basic instrumentation and electrical theory. The basic principles specifically demonstrated will be: Ohm's Law, Pressure Concepts Related to Process Control, and PLC Ladder Logic.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic electrical and instrumentation concepts through oral and written skills.
  • Students will use electrical concepts and equipment to select, justify, design, and troubleshoot a variety of basic circuits, process controls, and controller programming.