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Hathaway Scholarship

The Wyoming State Legislature approved legislation during their Spring 2006 session to establish a scholarship fund for Wyoming students to attend Western Wyoming Community College, any of the other six Wyoming community colleges, or the University of Wyoming. The legislation creates merit and need-based awards for eligible students to provide an incentive to pursue post-secondary education within the State of Wyoming.

Qualifying for a Hathaway Scholarship

Four award levels of the Hathaway Scholarship are available to WWCC students: Career, Opportunity, Performance, and Honors. Learn more about these award levels.

High School Curriculum Requirements

The Wyoming Department of Education requires students to complete the following courses in high school:
Language Arts 4 years
Math 4 years
Social Studies 3 years
Science 4 years
Foreign Language 2 sequential years of the same foreign language

View more information about the curriculum requirements. Meeting these curriculum requirements will qualify a student for Hathaway Scholarship consideration.

Additional Eligibility Requirements
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Wyoming resident
  • 2006 and after high school graduate from an eligible high school
  • Apply for award and enroll at WWCC (or other eligible institution) within 2 years of graduation

Home-Schooled Students

Students who successfully complete a home-based educational program that meets defined curriculum requirements may qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. Award levels are based on ACT scores. Students must meet all eligibility requirements except GPA, apply for award and enroll at WWCC prior to age 21.

GED Students

Students who attended a Wyoming high school, did not graduate, took the GED after April 1, 2006, while residing in Wyoming, and whose high school class has graduated, may also qualify for a Hathaway Scholarship. Below are ACT (American College Test) and GED (General Educational Development) score requirements for Hathaway Scholarships:

Career Minimum GED 500 / minimum ACT 17 or cumulative score of at least 12 on applied math, reading for information and locating information on WorkKeys Job Skills Assessment System tests
Opportunity Minimum GED 500 / minimum ACT 19
Performance Minimum GED 540/ minimum ACT 21
Honors Minimum GED 575 / minimum ACT 25

Part-Time Students

Part-time college students taking 6 - 11 credit hours per semester also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. Students receive their award in an amount proportionate to the credit hours taken. All other eligibility requirements are the same for part-time students. View a conversion chart for SAT to ACT scores.

Calculating Hathaway Need-Based Scholarships

The need-based scholarship is intended to supplement Hathaway merit scholarships for qualifying students. Students qualifying for a merit Hathaway Scholarship and who have submitted results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may qualify for additional need-based Hathaway Scholarship grants. "Unmet need" is calculated annually as follows:
  • WWCC Cost of Attendance
  • Subtract: Expected Family Contribution (determined by FAFSA)
  • Subtract: Hathaway Scholarship merit award
  • Subtract: Any additional grants and/or scholarships awarded to student
  • Subtract: $2,000
  • = Unmet Need
Qualifying students will receive a percentage of this unmet need based on their merit scholarship level. The minimum award is $100 per semester.

Career 25% of unmet need; half awarded each semester with $750 per semester maximum award
Opportunity 25% of unmet need; half awarded each semester with $750 per semester maximum award
Performance 25% of unmet need; half awarded each semester with $750 per semester maximum award
Honors 100% of unmet need; half awarded each semester

For more information, contact Mustang Central at (307) 382-1677 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181