Exercise Science Fitness Center

To reduce random vandalism, the College has installed an electronic access system on the doors of the Cardio Room and Fixed Weight Room. Fees help maintain and repair the equipment. For those who wish to use these facilities, the following fees apply.

To obtain a card,

  1. Go to the Business Office and pay the fee.
  2. Take the receipt to the Media Center. The Media Center will issue an access card.
  3. If anyone loses their access card and wishes a replacement, the cost to replace the card will be $20


Cardio Room & Fixed Weight Room

Students & Retired Employees

$25 /semester: Fall, Spring, or Summer



Cardio Room and Fixed Weight Room

Community Members

including Members of the Western Wyoming Community College Board


·        Must be 18 or older

·        $75 for Fall, Spring

·        $25 for Summer semester


Lost Cards

$20 to replace lost cards

Semester Access is according to the following dates:  

Fall = August 1- December 30

Spring = December 1 - May 30

Summer = June 1- August 1

*Note: As of July 1, 2012, employees (full and part-time) get free access to the Exercise Science Fitness Center and Aquatic Center as a benefit.

Revised Sept 29, 2020
Revised July 1, 2012
January 12, 2006

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