My time in the Exercise Science program at Western Wyoming Community College was one I will never forget. Western provides the opportunity to learn in an environment where you get to know your professors and peers. The opportunities presented to me through the Exercise Science program have been extremely favorable. This program provided me with hands-on experience and research opportunities that I would not have received as a freshman or sophomore at a four-year institution. I was able to shadow and intern with professionals in careers in which I was interested in. Early on in my education, this provided me with experience and knowledge to solidify what career I wanted to pursue. I was able to make so many connections in this field that allowed me to get to where I am now. At Western, I was told that many past students that moved on to a university found themselves ahead of many students in their same year. When I graduated and started at a university, I found the same thing. Not only did I save money by getting my associate degree at Western, I also have put myself ahead with real world applications. The Exercise Science program that Kristine Clark has developed at Western is, in my opinion, the perfect choice for those who are enthusiastic about the field and want to gain the most out of their first two years in college.-— Nicole Peden, Masters Candidate for Athletic Training, 2022 Exercise Science Western Graduate
During my time at Western Wyoming I had the privilege of being apart of the Exercise Science program. During my time in the program I received priceless hands on experience that I believe very few undergraduate students outside of Western would have the opportunity to participate in. I loved how much this program interacted with the community with exercise challenges, community fun runs, and helping preform fitness testing with local first responders. The professors truly care about the success of their students, and they definitely help set students up for the long term in this career field. The Exercise Science program at Western Wyoming Community College set a solid foundation that I built on as I completed my Bachelors in Exercise Science. I am now a Health teacher and I reflect daily on the lessons and information I learned as an Exercise Science student at Western. If anyone has a passion for Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Personal Training, Exercise Physiology, or any career encompassed in Exercise Science then this program at Western Wyoming Community College is the perfect fit for you!-— Kedric Coonis, Health Teacher, 2020 Exercise Science Western Graduate
Employers in today's society are looking for individuals that have the capacities of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Many educational institutions claim to build on these principles. However, I have not seen or been a part of any program that demonstrates teaching these principles as well at the Exercise Science Program at Western Wyoming Community College. When looking to transfer to a four year institution I was told by a university professor that I would be well ahead of the other students my same year. The education I received at Western Wyoming provided me confidence and a passion for learning that I did not have before. Dorothy Horton and Kristine Clark exemplify what it means to be a teacher. They are dedicated to providing a level of education that far surpass the status quo.-— Ross Taylor, Head Woman's Wrestling Coach Snow College, 2013 Exercise Science Western Graduate
My time at Western was of immeasurable value to me. The school has a small-town, ‘’everybody help everybody” feel to it where top notch teachers and staff are willing to work as hard (or harder) than you are to ensure you are successful both at Western Wyoming Community College and beyond. Outside the traditional classroom, the opportunities for growth provided to students in the community was unparalleled; the vast majority of what set me apart in my medical school application came from experiences I had at Western.-— Jeremy Head, 2015 Exercise Science Western Graduate