Our students have the opportunity to develop, conduct and present on original research projects.  Below you will find the present and past research projects our students have conducted.  

Current: the Exercise Science students will be conducting research on the effect of dark chocolate on exercise. 

Spring 2021 - the Exercise Science students developed a survey addressing the effect of COVID-19 and mask wearing on exercise and diet behaviors.

COVID 19 research poster

Spring 2020: We had prepared two different research studies.  One to evaluate the effect of consuming bean to bar chocolate on exercise endurance and the second to evaluate the effect of bean to bar chocolate on appetite.  Due to COVID-19, these studies were both switched to a review of the literature.  

Chocolate Exercise Review poster

Chocolate and Appetite

Effect of Chocolate on Appetite

Spring 2019: Our students conducted a study to determine if the type of exercise effects the perceived exertion of the exercise but still results in an elevated heart rate response.  

Perceived exertion research poster

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