Why choose Western's Exercise Science program over other community colleges or university programs?

We provide a welcoming learning environment and small class sizes which provide personal attention not found in major universities. Begin the first year, by working with real “clients” of various ages and backgrounds while learning the challenges and excitement of implementing individualized fitness programs, fitness testing and community wellness programming.  Our Exercise Science students get exposure to a sophisticated science that is available only at the best universities with hands-on experience influenced by the latest science, technology and laboratory equipment.

How many practicum hours can I obtain through the Exercise Science Program? 

Students who complete our program leave with an average of 320 practicum hours, experience in screening, fitness testing, group fitness teaching, training one on one, and leadership experience. 

What kinds of certifications can I obtain as the result of the knowledge and experience I will gain through the Exercise Science program at Western?

The program and experiences prepare the students with the knowledge to sit for the ACE Personal Trainer and/or ACE Group Fitness exams. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to attend conferences where students have the additional opportunity to complete specialized certifications in areas such as Spinning, Yoga, Tabata, to name a few. 


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