Build Your Future with a Focus in English

Brainpower.  Here in Mustang country you’ll hear a lot about Horsepower, but a mightier strength is Brainpower.  With a focus area in English, doors open wide for you.  Now more than ever,  employers seek someone who can read and listen carefully, ask questions thoughtfully, and communicate information and data to colleagues, supervisors, suppliers, stakeholders, and government agencies.  If you’re looking for a stimulating occupation that uses your creativity, knack for writing, and ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas, then Western’s English offerings will empower you to cross the threshold into a challenging career. The English classes aspire to improve your professional skills and hone your creative talent.  A general studies degree with a focus area in English can be the springboard into just about any profession, especially those in publishing, government, law, business, industry, and education, and this degree provides a strong foundation for those who pursue a liberal arts bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.   

Western’s English offerings include literature, creative writing, and professional writing courses. In addition, the English Department sponsors Boars Tusk, the literary magazine for writers at Western and in the community.  Get hands-on experience working as the editor or as an editorial assistant for this annual publication!   

Western’s English program offers students coursework in literature, creative writing, and professional writing.  When you become an English major, you are joining a thriving community of people who share their thoughts and explore the world of writers, storytellers, and filmmakers.  In each class, you will learn to critically and creatively respond to literature and gain a framework for understanding works within history, genres, and culture.  Earning an English focus will be productive and rewarding. 

Additional Resources to Help with Your Writing: 

OWL at Purdue (or Purdue Online Writing Lab): https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html 

Additional Resources for seeing if this is the right career path for you! 

Modern Language Association:  https://www.mla.org/ 

Association of Writers and Writers Programs:  https://www.awpwriter.org/ 

Society of Technical Communication:  https://www.stc.org/ 

National Council of Teachers of English:  http://www2.ncte.org/ 

American Screenwriters Association:  http://americanscreenwriters.com/ 

Bachelor's Degrees in Creative Writing: https://www.cappex.com/articles/match-and-fit/2020-best-colleges-creative-writing-undergrad-degrees 

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