Outstanding Graduates

The Outstanding Graduates are selected by a committee each year that consists of administrators, professionals, and faculty from multiple areas of campus. The nomination criteria and scoring rubric consists of the students involvement on campus, leadership roles, positive impact on other students, and their ability to positively represent Western in the future.

Headshot of 2024 Outstanding Graduate Emma Granthem
Emma Granthem
Outstanding Graduate
"My learning experience at Western has been nothing short of nurturing. Not only did I learn and enjoy the material taught in my courses, but also how to interact with professors, manage my time, and how to work with my peers in an effective and uplifting manner. Learning at Western has helped me to grow a passion for what I am studying, and for my future career. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it wasn't until I completed business courses at Western that I realized how capable and excited I am to make that dream a reality. My education at Western has enabled me with knowledge, tools for success, and a confidence in the abilities I have grown over the past two years. I am incredibly grateful for my learning experience at Western, and all I have derived from my time here."

Headshot of 2024 Outstanding Graduate Kisa Monzon
Kisa Monzon
Outstanding Graduate
"Western filled me with new experiences and opportunities for growth. I definitely would be a completely different person if it wasn’t for the experiences and perspectives I’ve seen and learned from fellow students and faculty members."