Atlas Award

In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who had the responsibility for holding up the heavens and sky for eternity. Statues of Atlas often show him holding the globe on his shoulders. Kim Kuster Dale, Ph.D. created this award, because she saw so much heroic effort on the part of Western's employees, and she thought it should be recognized.

Group photo of Jennifer Allen, Kayla Hawley, Steven Iriki, Beth Gard, Dr. Kim Dale, Jim Forbes and Allyson Cross

Please join us in congratulating and thanking the Business and Computer Technology division for their significant amount of innovation and initiative to update and change curriculum and instruction to meet the changing needs and demands of our students. They embrace change by exploring new teaching methods and grant funding opportunities to gain access to creative learning solutions. They also have shown tremendous willingness and diligence in partnering with other higher ed institutions, to ensure seamless transfer pathways for students and actively partner with local industries to ensure students graduate with current and relevant workplace skills.

These talented individuals include the following individuals, as well as a number of committed adjunct faculty:

Beth Gard, Division Chair
Steven Iriki, Assistant Professor of Business
Jim Forbes, Professor of Business
Kayla Hawley, Instructor of Business and Information Systems
Jennifer Allen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Computer Science
Tammy Robertson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Sunny Hughes, Assistant Professor of Communications
Troy Hunt, Assistant Professor of Communications
Allyson Cross, Part-time Information Systems Instructor
Information Systems Lab Assistants:
·    Kaden Allen
·    Kisa Monzon
·    Kevin Boren
·    Mark Sanchez

Congratulations again for your dedication to our students, communities and profession.