We meet the developmental needs of children through indoor/outdoor activities, quiet and active times, as well as individual and group activities. These experiences include music, mathematics, language, science, computer, physical development, and social interaction. Enhancing each child's self-concept during their time in the Center is a major goal. 

We use an eclectic curriculum, including the Creative Curriculum--a research-based, nationally recognized curriculum designed to meet the developing needs of each child in our program. Our classrooms include rich and varied learning centers including art, music, blocks, dramatic play, library, sand, water, and other valuable sensory experiences. We also use ZooPhonics, a wonderfully playful and integrated curriculum in which children learn and reinforce alphabetic skills through movement, as well as broaden their horizons through interesting learning experiences.  

"The Children's Center at Western Wyoming Community College is an amazing place for our children. Each day the staff and teachers are excited to see the children and have fun activities planned. I can't tell you how many times my child has come home with a piece of art that I thought was really creative. The staff creates a relationship with each child and parent. My child started at the Children's Center right after they turned two years old. They didn't want to talk; I let the teacher and staff know, and it was no problem. Only four months in and my child was saying two-word sentences! I believe that the Children's Center played a part in this progress. Not only are children excited to go to the Children's Center, they follow a wonderful curriculum that allows each child to grow and flourish."-— Kayla Hawley


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