Protocol for Reopening Fall 2020 

To protect children and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Children's Center will implement social distancing strategies, intensify cleaning and disinfection efforts, modify drop-off and pick-up procedures, and implement screening procedures upon children arriving at the Center. 

Social Distancing strategies will include:

  • Ensuring children's naptime mats are spread out as much as possible (six feet apart), children head to toe to reduce potential spread.
  • Keep teachers in one room, rather than going between rooms as much as possible during busy morning hours
  • Canceling holiday performances

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • Set up hand hygiene stations at the entrance so children can clean hands before they enter.
  • Parents will be greeted at the door, rather than being allowed inside to take children to their classrooms. Staff member will wash or sanitize hands between taking each child to the classroom. Children will be picked up at the front door. 
  • Lines will be taped off to allow parents to maintain a six foot distance from other parents and children. 
  • Watch for (and ask parents) about signs of illness (fever, shortness of breath, cough) in children and staff.
  • Take temperatures of children and staff upon arrival. Those with a temperature of 100 or above will not be admitted to the facility.
  • Those who are welcoming and accepting students into the center should wear face coverings.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Hand soap will be easily accessible, and hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom. 
  • Routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect frequently-used toys and games.
  • Routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, tables, nap mats, toilets, chairs, cubbies, playground equipment, and bikes.
  • Toys such as stuffed animals, dress-up clothing and other toys that can't be sanitized will not be used at this time. 
  • Blankets will be washed weekly with bleach, and will not be shared with other children.
  • Sleeping mats will be sanitized daily.


  • Staff members will wash hands and put on gloves before and after changing diapers.
  • Clean the child
  • Remove soiled diapers and wipes
  • Replace diaper
  • Wash child's hands
  • Clean station with disinfecting solution
  • Wash hands

Washing, Feeding, Holding Children

  • Staff will wash hands, neck, or anywhere touched by child's tears, and other secretions.
  • Contaminated clothing will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home with child. 
  • Children and staff will wash their hands before and after eating snacks and meals.
  • Staff will leave space between all children at lunch and snack tables whenever possible.
  • Staff who prepare and serve snacks will wash hands thoroughly before preparing and serving food to children. 
  • Food preparation will not be done by staff who diaper children.
  • Staff will wash hands before and after helping children to eat.
  • Staff will follow state and local regulations related to health and sanitation.

If a Child or Staff Member Becomes Sick

  • Parents who have children with COVID-19 symptoms or who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be asked to complete the "COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form" found at id=2 Forms will be routed to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Children's Center Director. Parents can also contact the Associate Vice President of Human Services at 307-382-1832.
  • A child who is sick will have to wait for parents in an isolation area near the Director's office.
  • The classroom and isolation area will be cleaned and disinfected after the child leaves. 
  • All areas used by sick staff or child will be closed off until sanitized and disinfected by a person wearing gloves and face covering.
  • Windows will be opened to allow circulation in the classroom.
  • Substitute teachers will be utilized to cover for staff who become ill.
  • If a person tests positive, it will be re-posted to the Western C-19 team, as well as the Health Department, and a determination will be made regarding closure of the Center. 


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