#       Name       Year       Position       Height       Hometown
0       Malaki Olson       FR       G       6'4"       Rawlins, WY
4       Dayne Prim       FR       F       6'6"       Aurora, CO
10       Chase Stoeger       FR       G       6'4"       Green River, WY
12       Derek Lionberger       FR       F       6'6"       Rock Springs, WY
20       Lain Mitchelson       FR       G       6'5"       Farson, WY
21       Tray Pierce       FR       F       6'9"       Denver, CO
24       Justin Boley       FR       F       6'6"       Roy, UT

Head Coach: Steve Soza (3rd season)
Assistants: Kameron Pearce (3rd season), Chase Haughian (2nd season)
Team Manager: Elijah Archuleta
College President: Dr. Kimberly Dale
Athletic Director: Dr. Lu Sweet
Athletic Trainer: Kristen Tammany-Gitchel
Colors: Red & Black
Mascot: Mustang



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