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The Mustang Athletic Facilities consist of:

Rushmore Gymnasium Rm. 1600- This is our main gym and used for all indoor competitions for Men's & Women's Basketball, Volleyball and Wrestling. The majority of practices for basketball and volleyball are held here. The Auxiliary Gym is used by the Soccer Team during off-season inclement weather for Futsal (indoor soccer) practices. All home indoor contests are streamed. 

The Wrestling Room Rm. 3652 - This room is used for practices. It has two full competition mats as well as 4 Airdynes and chin-up bars. The Wrestling Coach's office is located inside the wrestling room as well as the Wrestling locker room. Due to the location in proximity to the rest of the Athletic Department, the wrestling facilities have their own washer and dryer. 

Athletic Weight Room Rm. 1657 -  this room is for student-athletes for team lifting as well as individual lifting. It is primarily free weights for strength building although it is also equipped with several cardio machines. General students and community members are not allowed to use this facility unless they sign up for the Physical Education Free Weights Course, in which case they may use the room, but only during their class time. Faculty may also use this room during open lift hours.

Team Room Rm. 1650 - this room is for the student-athletes for daily studying and relaxation. Team meetings, video sessions and recruiting visits also occur in this room. The Team Room has computers and a printer as well as a projector and screen, lounge chairs, a couch and traditional tables and chairs. 

Athletic Training Room Rm. 1606 - this room has 2 training tables and 2 treatment tables. It has 2 ice bath machines and a washer and dryer. It also has an ice machine. 

Soccer Practice Field - Soccer matches are played primarily at Rock Springs Junior High and Rock Springs High School

Athletic Staff & Coaches' Offices - The Athletic Director, the Athletic Trainer and the Head Coaches for each of the five sports all have their own offices. The Wrestling Office is located in the Wrestling Room. The Basketball Offices are located by Rushmore Gym. The Soccer and Volleyball Offices are located by the Team Room. The Athletic Director's Office is located by the Weight Room and the Trainer's Office is located next to the Training Room.

Player Locker Rooms - each team has their own locker room and shower facilities. 

Mustang Corral Concession Stand - The Concession Stand is run by Sodexo, the food service company that serves campus. it is open for all home contests. 

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