Sweetwater County Students

Dual and Concurrent Program for Sweetwater County student at Western in partnership with Sweetwater BOCES

Dual and Concurrent Program in Sweetwater County Purpose:

This program allows Sweetwater County (10th by recommendation, 11th, and 12th grade) students to take 10 dual credits in the Fall and Spring semester, as well as 3 dual credits in the Summer semester. This does not include the concurrent credits that are offered at the students respective schools. Students are allowed to enrolled in as many concurrent credits that their high school counselor approves/that fits into their high school class schedule. 

The tuition and most course fees are paid by the Sweetwater County BOCES. 

The purpose of this program is to establish a partnership that provides post-secondary opportunities for eligible high school students, specifically concurrent and dual enrollment classes.  Additionally, the purpose of this agreement is to define the procedures related to concurrent enrollment of high school students in college classes as defined by Wyoming Statute 21-20-201.

Who is Eligible?

  • 11th and 12th grade students. 10th grade students can enroll with permission from their high school counselor.
  • Homeschool students ages 16-18. Students can enroll in courses as long as they have not passed their 19th birthday. 

Where do students get college books? 

  • Students need to talk to their respective schools to order college books. 
  • Homeschool students/parents are responsible for paying for college books. 

Additional Information:

  • High School graduates in Sweetwater County are not eligible.
  • Students who complete their high school requirements in January may use 10 credits in the Spring term, prior to the high school graduation ceremony.
  • Sweetwater County students cannot retake courses that they received below a C for their final grade or withdrew from the course in a previous semester while in High School. The student can retake the course but, must pay for tuition and books for the course.
  • The SWE Co Grant for Sweetwater County high school students is administered through the Western Financial Aid Office.
  • Sweetwater County high school students should work with their high school counselor to use the DualEnroll registration system to register for course(s). Students who fail to use this registration system will not be considered participants in the Sweetwater County Dual and Concurrent program, will have to pay for their course(s) themselves, and will not receive HS credit for the course(s). (Exceptions may happen throughout the registration process, final decision will be made by the Senior Outreach Coordinator.)
  • Homeschool Sweetwater County students will need to work closely with Western’s Registration & Records department to sign up for course(s) and use the DualEnroll registration system.
  • Developmental Studies (<1000) coursework cannot be covered by the Sweetwater County grant per an agreement with other Wyoming Community Colleges.
  • Students enrolled in applied music classes must pay course fees. 

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