How to Get Started

How do I start? What is the enrollment procedure?

After talking to your parents, teachers, a Western Outreach Coordinator or other persons familiar with your academic abilities, make an appointment with your high school counselor to explore options. Your counselor will be familiar with your high school graduation requirements and Western classes. The high school counselor will know what requirements you need to meet to enter into the class and can review the responsibilities of a college student. If you don’t qualify for the class you are interested in, the high school counselors can help you make plans to meet qualifications you may lack. High school counselors will help you schedule classes in an effective manner and he/she will have the forms you have to fill out. Make sure you fill out the proper forms and that they are handed in.

Remember, once you have completed the registration process, you are officially in a college class. Make sure you have access to the books you need, and your Western email account. Visit Western’s Campus Amenties to learn about the student services you are eligible to access. They include: library access, tutoring services, counseling and tickets to college events.

Want to learn more about us?

Western is an award-winning college in both our on-campus and distance learning programs. We believe our students come first, and your success is our #1 priority. Our motto says it best: “Enter with passion, leave with purpose”. Let us help you on your path to success!