Beau, We have now had two of your students come to work for Wyoming Machinery Company here in Rock Springs, and currently have an intern that started with us on Monday. We started both of them with an Apprentice classification, which with their skills and knowledge they brought with them, were able to successfully and quickly advance through our Apprenticeship program. They had great attitudes and understood what we expected from a technician standpoint from day 1, which has made them very valuable members of our team. One of your students has since transferred to one of our other locations to work in the Component Rebuild Center, which they were excited to have him based off of his education and experience. We will continue to lean on Western Wyoming Community College to provide us with talented, reliable resources when needed as their students have a solid base when starting, and ready to take on the challenges of a new career.-— Dallas Lathham
I have been a student in the Western Wyoming Community College heavy equipment and diesel program for one year. There is a very good balance between classroom time and hands on experience in the shop. The Instructor is also very approachable and is happy to answer any all questions and makes sure everyone understands the concepts, so no one is left behind. Since the instructors has had extensive experience in the field he is able to provide real world situations, so you are able to troubleshoot real world problems. I have enjoyed my time in the program and I feel like it has taught me a lot.-— Colby Newnham
I, Jeremy Heaps, wanted to start out by saying that if you are looking for a program for a diesel and or anything in the industrial side Western Wyoming Community College is the place to go. The diesel program for me was a new thing, I have always worked on gas and lite automotive. Bo was a teacher that has been in the cat world of the heavy-duty diesel. The first day was a new feeling going into school at 34 years old Beau as the teacher and my advisor made me and the other students feel like we were not that old be back in school, that was a big deal for some of us. The program was a good learning experience for me. The teacher was really good about the information and getting out in the shop to get hands on. The one good way I learn is by getting my hands on it. The teacher was all about getting in there to help us learn and if there was a thing that he didn’t know we all got a chance to learn together and try to get the information that we needed to get the job done. Bo as a teacher was not just a teacher but the one you could call and ask for help and walk you through it so you were not making a mistake but also doing it right. I was only there for one year to get my stuff done but the program had a lot of stuff to learn so the hands on was a lot better to see the truck and loaders that you would be working on in the field.-— Jeremy Heaps