Degrees & Certificates

The A.A.S. Program is our most in depth Program and will ensure that you will have the maximum exposure to the shop environment so that you will feel comfortable exercising your new skills. A student on the A.A.S. pathway will also be taking additional Automotive courses that will enhance their education and are not included in the certificate program. The A.A.S. pathway will enrich your education here at Western by giving you the benefit of receiving a degree by completing a well-rounded education that is within the Automotive field in all aspects. A student will receive an education that will equip them from technician to management.

Common core courses include: High School Education, or equivalent. An understanding of basic physics, electrical circuit paths, knowledge of the four basic strokes of an engine.


  • Student A.S.E.
  • Pro Cut Brake Lathe
  • M.A.C.S. Air-conditioning certification
  • Adult A.S.E.

Possible job titles for A.A.S. Students

  • Shop General Manager
  • Owner of an Auto Repair Facility
  • Body Shop Assessor
  • Automotive Technician
  • Automotive Maintenance Technician
  • Service Writer
  • Mobile Automotive Repair Company
  • Gateway program to become an educator

Automotive Salary– In the State of Wyoming compared to Nationally Hourly / Yearly

This is a comparison of hourly wages

This is a comparison of yearly wages.

Projected Employment, Percent Change 2016-2026 for Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics in United States.

This is a graph of the projected employment.


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