Western offers an innovative Communication program taught by engaging faculty…In these classes you learn the professional and personal applications of communication in everyday life.-— Kyra Seppie
Attending Western Wyoming Community College was the best decision I could have made. Their Communication program is amazing, and I have had so many opportunities to use my communication skills to further my education. As a Communication major that wants to go into the journalism field, my professors have used that knowledge to help me gain more experience and learn ways to better the skills needed for a journalism career path. Through my involvement in a Communication internship, student editing for the college’s e-newsletter, and leadership opportunities as a Resident Assistant, Vice President of Eco Club, and Vice President of Student Government, I have been able to use the communication skills I have learned in my classes to gain more experience in communication. The classes at Western have professors that truly care about the education and success of their students. They work hard to make sure students are learning valuable skills that can be used outside of college in the workforce. They also help students find opportunities in whatever career they choose to pursue. The Communication professors and program at Western have left such a positive impact on me and I can never thank them enough. I am so proud to have been a Mustang at Western and I hope you choose to be one as well!-— Mariza Salguero

Being a Communication major has opened my eyes to the possibilities I have after college. I think Communication is a great major for anyone who could see themselves doing more than one thing after college or for those who are unsure of where they want to go with their career! I chose to be a Communication major because I enjoy understanding and building effective relationships with the people I am around. Communication is one of the most highly sought out skills needed in any workplace which reassures me of the path I am taking. The Communication coursework was catered to my interests and allowed me to polish my skills to a valuable level. The faculty are absolutely amazing and the possibilities with a degree in communication are endless! I would definitely recommend this degree plan!-— Fabian Martinez

Our Communication department has gone the extra mile on multiple occasions for me, as well as my classmates. It is an environment of trust that invites you to have success.-— Kellen Hansen