Career Information

Faculty help students to gain experience in group project work, critically analyzing speeches and self-evaluating individual presentations and organization. Overall, this program teaches students vital skills in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, relationship building, along with creating personal growth. Students are able to customize and propose internships that relate in any way to communication.

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Through our program, students may receive an Associate of Arts in Communication that will prepare them for entry-level employment in various professional fields. Some of the available future fields/positions for a Communication major include:

Advertising Agent Media Relations Specialist
Booking Agent Mediator/Negotiator
Broadcaster/News Anchor Multimedia Designer
Business Owner Music Production
College Professor Photographer
Copy/Video Editor Photo Editor/Journalist
Data Analyst Podcast Reporter
Elected Official Production Manager
Executive Director Publisher
Graphic Designer Public Administration
Human Resources Researcher
Human Rights Officer Social Media Marketing
Industrial Designer Social Worker
Journalist Sports Writer/Commentator
Marketing Specialist Video Game Production