Class Schedule

Specific class times and days should be determined by visiting the current course schedules


Course Number

Course Name

Semesters Typically Offered

ACCT 2010

Principles of Accounting I

Fall and Spring

ACCT 2020

Principles of Accounting II

Fall and Spring

BADM 1000

Introduction to Business


BADM 2030

Business Ethics

Fall and Spring

BADM 2040


Spring of Even Years

BADM 2195


Fall of Odd Years

BUSN 2000

Introduction to International Business

Fall of Even Years

ECON 1010


Fall, Spring and Summer

ECON 1020


Fall and Spring

FIN 1000

Personal Finance

Fall and Spring

FIN 2100

Managerial Finance

Fall and Spring

MGT 1000

Introduction to Supervision

Fall and Spring

MGT 1040

Legal Environment of Business

Fall, Spring and Summer

MGT 1200

Human Resource Management


MGT 2100

Principles of Management

Fall, Spring and Summer

MKT 1100


Spring of Even Years

MTK 1300


Spring of Odd Years

MKT 1400

Customer Service


MKT 2100


Fall, Spring and Summer


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