Earning a degree in art from Western Wyoming provides you with the necessary technical foundation to pursue a career in visual art or design. Internationally recognized art faculty members foster an atmosphere of comradery, and afford you and your talented peer group ample opportunities to hone your technique, while also helping you develop your capacities as a critical thinker and creative problem solver. 

To maximize student success, the art program has been outfitted with superb facilities, including a spacious ceramics and sculpture studio, photography dark room,  printmaking studio, and painting & drawing studio, as well as a computer lab equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud. Students also have access to the school's art gallery, which not only exhibits the work of world renowned artists, but also gives students the chance to display and sell their own work in a professional setting. 

The Art Foundation curriculum is designed to offer students maximum flexibility in pursuing their personal interests within the visual arts. In addition to required foundational classes, students enroll in an individualized elective course of study, including classes in ceramics, drawing, digital photography, film photography, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. With this flexibility, graduates from Western's art program can, and have, pursued successful careers as fine artists, craft artists, designers, art educators, art therapists, art directors, animators, and architects, to name a few.