Guiding Principles

1. Learning is Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide quality experiences that foster lifelong learning. We assess learning through our five Goals for Student Success, and we then adapt to improve learning.

  1. Provide support for faculty and staff to learn new skills and new technologies that strengthen learning.
  2. Emphasize active learning experiences that require higher levels of thinking.
  3. Document and publicize the improvement of student learning at Western Wyoming Community College.
  4. Provide more learning options so that students can complete a degree or continue to learn without the barriers of distance, time, or place.
  5. Create a more student-driven schedule of classes each summer and semester based upon student needs and feedback.

2. Students Are Our Focus

As students succeed in meeting individual goals, Western Wyoming Community College succeeds. Our task is to provide an environment that encourages success for a diverse student population. Underlying every decision should be the question: Does this contribute to the success of our students?

  1. Analyze and improve campus services for different segments of students, and inform all students of the services available.
  2. Create new and adapt existing targeted marketing efforts in order to reach diverse student populations and to be responsive to Guiding Principle annual goals.
  3. Provide equipment and facilities that are conducive to learning.
  4. Provide for student life experiences and learning outside the classroom.
  5. Review and refine the orientation, academic advising, and career counseling programs at Western Wyoming Community College.

3. Employees are our Most Important Resource

Growth opportunities and recognition are important in creating leaders and professionals and in enhancing employee satisfaction.

  1. Involve employees in the decision-making process.
  2. Encourage and support college-wide communication.
  3. Acknowledge each individuals contributions and reward excellence.
  4. Provide and promote opportunities for individuals to grow as leaders and professionals.
  5. Promote pride and ownership in the college.

4. The Community is Our Partner

We interact with community members, organizations, local business and industry to enrich community life.

  1. Promote more active connections and involvement in the community.
  2. Provide access to facilities that are safe, comfortable, and welcoming.
  3. Serve as a center for discussion and debate of community issues.
  4. Serve as a cultural resource.
  5. Assess and respond to the community's needs.

5. Adapting to Change Defines Our Future

We must meet the changing needs of our community, students, and employees by encouraging and supporting innovation and informed risk-taking.

  1. Provide an environment in which students and staff can adapt positively to change.
  2. Conduct research on which to base decisions while encouraging and supporting innovation and informed risk-taking.
  3. Evaluate and integrate appropriate technology into our institutional processes.

6. Ethical Standards Guide Our Actions

We commit ourselves to treating all individuals with respect, demonstrating integrity and professionalism, developing and implementing fair solutions to problems, and assuming responsibility for our work.

  1. Value our students, employees and all people with whom we interact, and treat them with respect.
  2. Adhere to high standards of academic integrity and professionalism.
  3. Implement college policies consistently.
  4. Practice ethical decision-making.

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Western is an award-winning college in both our on-campus and distance learning programs. We believe our students come first, and your success is our #1 priority. Our motto says it best: “Enter with passion, leave with purpose”. Let us help you on your path to success!