Reporting Sexual Misconduct

In the case of alleged sexual discrimination or conduct Western Wyoming Community College will promptly and equitably investigate under Title IX to determine, to the best of our ability, what occurred and take appropriate steps to resolve the situation.  However, a campus Title IX investigation is different from a law enforcement investigation.  A Title IX investigations purpose is to identify a possible violation of Western Wyoming Community College Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy (5420E).  It is not a legal investigation.  You may report a complaint on campus, to legal authorities or both.  The college encourages you to ask if you need any assistance determining the difference between a campus investigation or a legal investigation, or if you need assistance in reporting.

Reporting may be done in a variety of ways.  Any person can report incidents of sexual discrimination or misconduct

•Through the "Report a concern" online reporting

•By reporting directly to Title IX officials

•Reporting to Campus Protective Services at (307)922-4961

•To a trusted Western Wyoming Community College employee

Please know that all employees of the college are required to report Title IX violations.  The only exceptions to this include clergy and counselors, when seeing a student as a client and under informed consent.

Per Wyoming State Statute all citizens are required to report any abuse (sexual or otherwise) of a child under the age of 18 to legal authorities.  

In addition, the college offers immunity (amnesty) to alleged victims or reporting students who may have violated the Student Code of Conduct's Alcohol and Drug Policy at the time of the incident or witnessed misconduct.  No charges are therefore applied to a student who reports that he or she was under the influence at the time of a possible Title IX violation.  The purpose of this clause is to encourage reporting without fear of conduct repercussions. 

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