Wellness & Fitness


We all need to take better care of ourselves. Western offers courses to help you find calm, stay fit, or find inner balance. A sampling of courses offered are nutrition, aquatic conditioning, spin, yoga, ballet, stress management and reduction, and much more! 


Course # Course Name Starts Ends Start Time End Time Days
HLED 1003 Wellness          
HLED 1411 Nutrition          
HMDV 1270 Stress MGT & Reduction          
KIN 1009 Applied Fitness          
KIN 1052 Intro to Athletic Training          
KIN 1110 Exploring Mind Body Movement          
KIN 2130 Fundamentals of Exercise Science          
KIN 2135 Personal Trainer Education          
PEAC 1011 Aquatic Conditioning          
PEAC 1015 Beginning Skin and Scuba          
PEAC 1060 Beginning Ice Skating          
PEAC 1120 Intro to Free Weight Training          
PEAC 1130 Stability Ball          
PEAC 1253 Beginning Bowling          
PEAC 1260 Beginning Volleyball          
PEAC 1263 Beginning Basketball          
PEAC 1273 Weight Training & Conditioning          
PEAC 1294 Beginning Yoga          
PEAC 1387 Indoor Rock Climbing          
PEAC 2005 Personalized Fitness I          
PEAC 2018 Lifeguard Training          
PSYC 2250 Intro to Health Psychology